“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.” – Goethe

Taking a bike ride whenever you want. Creating your own schedule on Google calendar. Coffee meetings at Cafe Your Fav. Heck, you’re probably doing work at  Cafe Your Fav. Teaming with your ambitious friends from college. Working by your local beach, lake, bay, or other body of water. Changing your financial, spiritual, mental, and physical life. Building an empire you can call your own. Changing the lives of your family, neighbors, and many strangers. Saving the world as we know it.

Oh, the sweet sweet pleasures of running a startup. Freedom. Yes, remember that! These are the reasons you dreamed of entering the life of an entrepreneur.

And yet, sometimes these pleasures are not enough. Eventually you begin to take your startup company freedom for granted. You want a Cannondale’s Synapse Carbon 3 bike. The chairs of Cafe Your Fav get awkwardly uncomfortable after a short 2 hours and 37 minutes. The Berkeley marina is still unsurprisingly navy blue around sunset.

As humans, we have an even greater internal drive that is helpful especially in entrepreneurship–pain. Or rather, avoiding pain.

A guaranteed traffic-filled daily work commute. Fifty to sixty plus hour work weeks. Lost family dinner times. Someone else telling you what to do who doesn’t understand your true strengths or potential. Working lunches. Working dinners. Staff meetings. Staff meetings. Staff meetings. Absolute slow and agonizing boredom. The lack of challenge. Slow life. No life. Slow progress. No progress. Dissatisfaction. Not starting a company.

When your startup juice is low, use dissatisfaction to your advantage.  Feel the pain. What would happen if you didn’t stay committed to building a startup? Startup it.


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