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Saying Goodbye to Ipsy

It’s not you, it’s me

A breakup is hard, especially with a subscription box. I’m joking…kinda. I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy’s subscription box for almost a year now. Let me be clear: I’m not saying anything bad about Ipsy or that you shouldn’t join. To even prove that, check out my Ipsy 6 Month Review post. It’s just not for me anymore and here are the reasons why.

Same Products

After you get each bag, Ipsy gives you the opportunity to review your products. This way, they are able to customize the bags that they send you with products you will love. I was always felt like I was honest with the reviews. For example, I’ve received numerous eyeshadows from Ipsy that are a gold/copper/brown shade. I really like this color but in the end I received 4 shades of practically the same color. And yes, I know it’s good to have different shades but the reason that I subscribed to Ipsy is to try new, different products. This also happened with a lip color. I received 3 similar shades within 5 months.

Overload of Bags

When I first started with Ipsy, I was beyond excited to see what the theme for the bag that the products come in each month. The bags are usually themed depending on the season or holidays. Believe me, I swear by never having too many bags. But now I have all of these small..unique bags that I’m not sure what to do with. I have a few stashed here and there and have made a good use out of as many as I could. Now, I have a stack of bags that are sitting there waiting for the next month’s bag to join them.

Make Up Routine

Make up hasn’t always been my “thing” so Ipsy was a great way to try new products and learn how to use them. I’ve started to establish a sort-of make up routine and it has left me not using a lot of the Ipsy products and samples. I’m at a place where I would rather spend the amount of money on one product I know that works and really like rather than trying a sample for about a month and changing it with whatever Ipsy sends in the next bag.

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I just need time

I will really, really, really miss that bright, hot pink package waiting for me in the mailbox. In the future, I will be looking at starting another subscription box but right now I’ve decided to just take a break and use up what I have on hand.

Are you part of a subscription box? If so, which one? Do you love it or are you just going along waiting for it to get better?

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