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Plum Paper Planner


First off, don’t you worry I’m not ruining any surprises over here. I have been patiently waiting to talk about this planner. I finally gave my gift to my bff, Lindsay today at girl’s Christmas. Lindsay is an amazing mother of two (under two), a badass nurse, a motivating health and wellness coach, and the BEST friend. One might even say she is a little obsessed with being organized. I knew that the Plum Paper planner would be the perfect gift.

Plum Paper Planner

I ordered Lindsay the 7 X 9 ME Planner which divides the week into 7 personalized sections. This is what made her freak!

Not only did she LOVE that her name was on the front of the planner but she REALLY LOVED how the sections were personalized for her life. Because lets be honest, if a planner doesn’t work with your life – it’s not going to work.

Now for the fun part! Building your planner – the website is extremely easy to use and there are so many options. The steps go like this:
  1. Pick Cover Pattern
  2. Personalize Cover
  3. Choose Layout
  4. Color Scheme
  5. Add Ons

I am beyond happy that Lindsay loved her Plum Paper planner but I was so sad to hand it over. Now it’s time for me to order one for myself.

FYI: this is not a sponsored or affiliated post. I am writing about the Plum Paper planner because it’s beautiful, easy to order and Lindsay absolutely LOVED it. See reaction below! Isn’t it the best feeling when someone loves the gift you got them?

Merry Christmas! I hope you love every present under the tree and enjoy the best present of all – your family and friends.