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Five Winter Must-Haves to Stay Warm

five winter must-haves to survive winter in New England

If you live anywhere in New England – you are more than aware that these next two weeks are going to be frigid. Being cold is not an option for me so I’ve put together a list of my five winter must-haves.

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C.C Thick Cable Knit Faux Fuzzy Fur Pom Fleece Lined Beanie

I just received this as a Christmas present and it is already one of my favorite beanies. The beanie

 is not only absolutely adorable but the fleece lining keeps you warm. One of my favorite parts (besides the fur pom pom) is that the hat is large enough to cover my entire head. Okay, it’s not like I have a huge head but nothing is more frustrating to wear a hat and you have to constantly pull it down enough to cover your ears and the back of your head. Living in New Hampshire has taught me to make it a winter must-have it needs to be practical and this does the job!

Darn Tough Women’s Hiker Micro Crew Socks – Green

I’ve heard AMAZING reviews about these socks and I was so excited when I opened these on Christmas. Darn Tough socks are made in my neighbor state of Vermont and are guaranteed for life. Wool socks are part of my winter must-have wardrobe for snowboarding, hiking and surviving winter in New Hampshire. FYI – wool socks not only keep your feet warm in the winter but cool in the summer too!

EMS Women’s Klatawa Long Down Jacket – Black

Invest in a warm winter coat! I can’t find my exact winter jacket that I bought from EMS but here is a similar EMS jacket. My favorite part about the coat is that it is long enough to cover the top portion of my legs and my behind. No one wants a cold booty! Soon after I met Kyle and we went on a few dates in Boston – I knew I had to purchase a warm jacket that covers as much as possible. I’ll admit, the coat I have isn’t anything pretty but it keeps me toasty warm! I wore my coat on my trip to Georgetown and New York City.

EMS Women’s Summit Mitten – Black

Mittens are a winter must-have item. This is a similar pair of mittens that I wear for snowboarding, hiking and doing anything that I want my hands to stay dry and warm. Call me crazy, but I think mittens keep your hands much warmer than gloves. Sometimes on the slopes, I have to take my mittens off to cool my paws off. 

Smartwool Neck Gaiter – Black

There is nothing worse than snow down the back of your neck. It gives me chills just thinking about it. Anytime I am out on the slopes or going for a winter hike I wear a neck gaiter to protect the area from my hat to my coat. You might be thinking, that’s what a hood is for but a hood usually ends up blowing off and if you’re like me and wear a helmet, a hood doesn’t really fit over all of that. The Smartwool Neck Gaiter – Black is similar to what I am wearing here.

Time to bundle up: five winter must-haves

Grab your hat, mittens and everything and anything made out of fleece to survive these days of miserable temperatures. What item would you add to the five winter must-haves list? Or if facing the cold isn’t your thing, enjoy a nice cup of coco with your heated blanket! I think I like the sound of that…